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We are path breakers. We love to develop technology that simplifies complexity. Our technology serves as building blocks redefining financial and commodity markets.

Thinker Bank
White label digital banking solutions

Banking experience redefined! A digital banking platform simplifying access to capital and incorporating innovative ways to grow your money.

Thinker LOS
Make Rapid, Optimized & Data Driven Decision.

Traditional loan origination takes somewhere between 35 to 40 days. Thinker LOS with the increased use of automated systems, loan origination is becoming easier and faster.

thinker person
Thinker Wise
Automated decision trees

Would your life be easier if you can integrate complicated human decision making with data driven technology?

phone & tablet
Energy Trading Without Barriers

Next-generation electricity trading platform enabling market participants to transact directly leading to better efficiencies.

Agri Trac
Advance Traceability for Agriculture Products.

World’s first blockchain based platform for agricuture products traceability. For sustainability of Thai farmer, which currently apply on palm oil product.

Verified Credentials
Digital Credentials are reshaping Education

-Verified Credentials -Digital Credentials are reshaping Education -Verified credentials by offering a seamless method to issue, hold, and verifty credentials through blockchain.

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We are ambitious, responsible individuals, who are driven by a strong desire to accomplish meaningful and important team goals. We make time, collaborate effectively to help colleagues to achieve their goals.

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