Thinker Bank

White label digital banking solutions

Our solutions allow businesses to provide banking functionalities in a short time frame. With us, you can create an endless opportunity for the new era of banking services. Forget every banking concept you've known earlier as Neo bank - Neo loan you the unique banking system where everything is possible. From a pure mobile banking where the physical branch is no longer relevant to an effective microfinancing service and various sets of special functions.

The representation of how Thinker Bank works.

Innovative Services & Ideas

Offering new innovative services and ideas such as “One account” where saving and current are merged.

Customers Focused

We are creating a platform where customers are fully focused and smooth transaction experiences are enhanced.

No Physical Branch Needed

Mobile banking integrated with the goal of no essential physical branch ever needed.

Fully Automated

Designed to reduce opex, capex and personnel by fully automated.



Current banking software is not designed for digital bank, using very old technology, low performance and expensive.


Our software is designed for pure digital banks from the ground up; ready for mobile payment lifestyle; use the latest technology stack; high performance.

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