Verified Credentials

Digital Credentials are reshaping Education

Verified credentials are a type of digital credential that offers a seamless method to issue, hold, and verifty credentials through blockchain.

By partnering with Convergence.Tech, providers of VC, we aim to address usage and security pain points by offering an easy to implement solution that benefits all three stakeholders (issuers, holders, verifiers).

Verified Credentials diagram



Pain points currently occur on all sides. Administrative process for issuers is often time consuming and costly. Human effort can lead to unintended errors. Moreover, holders are unable to access their earned credentials and manage them on demand. Lastly, verifiers do not have an efficient way to verify each credential.


Verifiable credentials benefits stakeholders in the entire ecosystem by offering several advantages. First, a simple web app for users to customize, send out, and manage credentials without having to worry about security issues. Second, a digital wallet for holders to organize credentials, which can be privately accessed at any time. Third, a seamless way to ensure the authenticity of credentials being received through blockchain technology.

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